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PRIVATE VIEW bi-monthly diaries

Getting real about being a woman in the arts with artist Mauren Brodbeck. Bi-monthly podcasts for female artists and creatives aiming to make a mark, change society, ignite their inner volcano and belong to and create a rocking community. Let's get real about living a life in the arts and the multi-faceted roles of being a creative woman.

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ON DISPLAY Conversations with extraordinary women in the arts

Monthly raw and honest conversations about what it means to be a woman in the arts with amazing and inspiring special guests. “On Display” is devoted to discussing how identity, creative energy, and outside demands intersect and interplay in an artist’s quest to live a creative life.

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Private View Episode 001


Private View Episode 002

This is about alienation.

Private View Episode 003

This episode is about rituals.

Private View Episode 004

Choices !

Private View Episode 005

Fire in my Studio

Private View Episode 006

Facing the Void

Private View Episode 007

Creating with Vulnerability

On Display - Episode 02 - Eva Armisén

A conversation with Eva Armisén

Private View Episode 008

Fitting In

On Display - Episode 03 - Toni Blackman

A conversation with Toni Blackman

On Display - E 01 - Delphine Diallo

A conversation with Delphine Diallo

On Display - Episode 04 - Angela Fraleigh

A conversation with Angela Fraleigh

On Display - Episode 05 - Chris Aerfeldt

A conversation with Chris Aerfeldt

Private View - Episode 09


On Display - Episode 06 - Special Guest - A conversation with Catherine Orer

Private View - Episode 10 - Creative Process 1

Developing and following a creative process is important to the work we do as artists. The process I follow gives structure and support to the work I create.

On Display - Episode 07 - A conversation with Rahima Gambo

Rahima Gambo on being a woman artist in Nigeria, telling the true stories of people, and creating lasting impressions and change through art.

Private View - Episode 11 - Confinement

Women artists are affected by societal and cultural expectations that restrict our ability to make meaningful art. It’s important to share our experiences.