Raw and Radical is an art project, an experiment, and a brand created by artist Mauren Brodbeck. Her mission is to foster a strong community of like-minded female artists, creative women, and art enthusiasts who stand up for freedom of expression, empowerment, authenticity, and who work towards global change. 

Living a creative life is a daily commitment that requires faith, love, and self-confidence. This is a place to connect, become inspired, be true to yourself, dream, and shine.

Let's remind each other that anything is possible! Let's speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. Let's inspire each other. 

Raw and Radical is an evolving platform and we’re looking to spread the word. Support us by acquiring an item in our store, making a donation, or suggesting a collaboration with another artist or brand. Get involved, share, and inspire!

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Mauren Brodbeck is a Geneva-born artist with a multi-faceted personality who breaks down the barriers between different forms of expression, bringing to life a diverse body of work that includes photography, music, soundscapes, installations, and performances.  She explores human possibilities, dreams, freedom, identity, the collective imaginary, societal normalization, and the rules and codes people live by. Through artistic exploration and expression, she investigates the meaning and limits of individual liberty and criticizes how it is diluted by the thought patterns and behaviors considered acceptable within society’s norms.

Both as an artist and a woman, she seeks to surpass herself, escaping the confinement of what is considered “art” to create experimental spaces and have unpredictable, liberating dialogues “outside of the system.” Raw and Radical is one of these conversations.

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