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A conversation with Laura Escudé

episode 25
Sept 29 2021

Musician, educator, and mentor Laura Escudé shares her tips for success and self-confidence, and the importance of prioritizing joy in your career

About our guest

Laura Escudé is a Future Classical artist blending music, tech and consciousness. Synthesizing her skills as a classically trained violinist and technical prowess as an avant-garde electronic producer, Escudé infuses neo-classical & sleek futuristic style with raw emotion elicited with her musical machines. She's the creator of The Transmute™ Accelerator under the umbrella of The Transmute™ Academy, as well as Founder of Electronic Creatives and an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2008. Based in Los Angeles, Laura Escudé is an artist, innovator, entrepreneur and live show designer with a deep understanding of complex technology, a profound passion for music and art, and a unique talent for fusing the two. Career highlights include designing shows for Kanye West and Jay Z, opening for Miguel on his 2015 Wildheart tour, building a thriving international business populated by top-tier professionals and developing premier educational programs accessed around the globe.



Laura Escudé Live Performance at the Osheaga Festival, Montreal, Canada
Photo credit @jemallearle

“I’ve learned that the most important thing is me being in my highest joy”

Laura Escudé Live Performance at the National Sawdust, NYC
Photo credit: Julia Drummond

“Keep doing your passion. Keep sitting with what it is that brings you joy”

Laura Escudé Live Performance at the Osheaga Festival
Montreal, Canada
Photo credit @jemallearle

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Many of us are multi-passionate, but are told that we must focus on one thing to become successful. Laura Escudé, a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, is here with us today to share how she has found success in her career. Laura is a violinist, songwriter, live performance specialist and sound engineer, and has worked and played with artists such as Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Bon Iver, and the Pentatonix. She also educates and mentors other artists and musicians through her Transmute Accelerator and Transmute Academy coaching and training programs.

Finding success through letting go

Laura says one of the keys to her success is hiring specialists and learning to trust other people to handle the work she hires them to do.

“I’ve been able to get a lot of help in the areas that I’m not the best at,” Laura says. “I think that’s one of the secrets to my success, especially in recent years, is hiring people that are better than me at certain things or their jam is something that I don’t really want to do or am not the best at, and that has really freed me up to do the things that I love to do.”

She also understands how challenging it can be to let go of control and feel okay with spending money.

“It was scary at first … because you don’t know if you’re going to make the money to pay them every month. As an entrepreneur it’s always a challenge ... but I always trust that it’s going to work out, and it always does,” she says.

Staying aligned with your passions

After she landed in the hospital during a tour, Laura realized she needed to focus more on her health and well-being. As a result she has become more thoughtful about where she spends her time and energy.

“I’ve learned that the most important thing is me being in my highest joy. The grinding that I did for so many years, constantly saying yes to everything... I can’t do that anymore,” she says. “So I do have to be particular about the things that I say yes to because once I say yes to certain things I have to say no to other things.”

Making time for her own creative projects has also been critical to maintaining her health and healing. 


Her latest EP release 'ENOUGHNESS' (May 2021) was produced during deep introspective moments in last year’s pandemic journey. She realized she needed to focus on her mental health after years of obsessing over her physical appearance and not loving herself. Laura decided to focus on becoming more content with who she is and how she is being—and to help others on their path through her music and creations. ENOUGHNESS is intended to be a journey and space to cultivate knowing, healing and for transformation. "I use my compositions to practice embodied liberation and allow the creative space to be my teacher—to let the process be the process and let go of what it should be. I hope ENOUGHNESS becomes this for you too because you are ENOUGH."

Final words of wisdom

For other artists, especially women, who are still working toward their version of success, Laura recommends finding a supportive community or coach to support you and help you keep moving forward. She says that she has invested plenty of money in coaches and coaching, and the return has been exponential, but there are also plenty of free communities out there that can offer community and encouragement.

She also says just keep going for it.

“Keep doing your passion. Keep sitting with what it is that brings you joy,” Laura says.


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