Resistance isn’t the negative thing we think it is. Here’s how confronting the internal and external resistance you face can be a positive, empowering process.

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Every artist is familiar with “resistance” and how it shows up in all sorts of ways, making our dreams and goals seemly impossible to reach. I recently realized that there are two major kinds of resistance: inner resistance, which often shows up as fear, doubt, and confusion – and outer resistance, which can show up as people being upset with you, or as obstacles between you and what you want.

Resistance came up in a very personal way for me when my husband and I decided to take our children and move to California for a month. When I stepped back to confront the objections from everyone around us and my own inner doubts, I realized that these outer and inner forms of resistance are actually very intertwined and connected.

In the process of planning for our trip and overcoming my doubts, I learned how confronting inner resistance can help overcome outside resistance, and how both forms of negative resistance can actually become something very positive and empowering.

Mauren Brodbeck