This is what it's all about. One day, while clearing out some old cardboard boxes leftover from previous moves from Canada to Europe, Los Angeles, and Berlin back to Geneva, I stumbled upon an old forgotten box. Not having any clue as to what was in it, I decided to open it. 

What I saw inside changed my life forever. There were handmade rock music posters with cut out letters, photocopy collages, cassette mix tapes, 8mm films... I realized that these old creations were actually super fresh and well designed. It surprised me, considering that when I did them I had no training in design. 

They held a real symbolic message. They were the core of who I am and I had forgotten this part of myself. I was an angry rebel kid that loved film and music and did not want to conform. I had to live outside of the norm. 

But when I found the box, I was running a company and doing art on the side whenever I could, not living the life I had really wanted. So what happened? I guess life happened, needing money and creating a family. It happens to all of us when we lose touch and awareness of who we truly are by trying to fit in with society. That day I promised to myself I would find that person again. 

Raw and Radical is one of my rebel heart projects. I hope it will inspire you!

Dream and Shine, Mauren

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